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aquarelle andré méhu

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Welcome! It is with pleasure that I invite you to discover my watercolors. This site is constantly changing, do not hesitate to return regularly. I hope you will enjoy your visit!


An artistic journey


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Andre Mehu

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This article is copyleft, see at the bottom of the page. Restored July 31, 2019 23:12 An artistic journey A look at Charles Reid's artistic itinerary An artistic journey A look at Charles Reid's artistic itinerary Except of being a rare genius, such as the “Facteur Cheval” or some children ... lire la suite

It was when I heard Pierre Soulages describing his artistic approach on the radio and explaining how his goal was to « Move with Light » that his words -enlightening indeed- immediately imprinted themselves in my memory. This is exactly what any painter -and thus watercolour painter- aims at.The par ... lire la suite

Watercolour: the power of waterFor approximately 32 000 years, the man has used pigments and water to express himself. If since this time the motivations which have urged him to express himself in that way are not any more the same, the fact remains that this practice of watercolour lives and fluids ... lire la suite

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